Time-sensitive racehorse welfare legislation before NJ legislature

7 October 2022

Cream Ridge, NJ – October 6, 2022 – The NJ State Legislature has introduced Bill A-4465 that will allocate funds for retired racehorses. In 2021, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) diverted 733 Standardbred racehorses from the slaughter line to safety. There are tens of thousands more each year being slaughtered.

To read the bill, click here.

The wording in this Bill is unclear as to eligibility requirements and may alsoB prevent these funds from helping racehorses tagged for slaughter. After thirty-three years of efforts by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) we must be certain that these funds are directed correctly and ask for your immediate help.

  1. The current draft requires accreditation by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) however, it is not clear if the SRF, being an accredited organization, will also be eligible for these funds. We must preempt this.
  2. Also, an additional accrediting organization that is noted in A4465 follows the The Right Horse Initiative. Under their guidelines organizations must refrain from purchasing from “kill pens/bail outs”. This means that the Standardbreds in greatest need, tagged to ship for slaughter, will not be helped by this fund. See #11 by clicking here.

From October 7-12, 2022, comment may be sent to Assemblyman Ralph Caputo to assure these funds reach these horses in need. In person testimony will be on Thursday, October 13th, 2022, in Trenton.

To email or call Assemblyman Ralph Caputo between today and October 12th, 2022, use the link below.

Tomorrow, Friday, October 7, SRF will provide further information for SRF supporters and the general public to register to testify in front of the committee. SRF urges all to be heard for the welfare of these animals.

The window to do so is very short.

To reach Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, click here.

Suggested wording:

In regard to A-4465 I urge you to clarify that the accrediting organization, Standardbred Retirement Foundation, is eligible to receive funds as it is an accrediting organization. In addition, no organizations following The Right Horse Initiative can be approved (as funds will not be directed to the racehorses in most need).

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