New Yorkers don’t care about rats’ ‘rights’

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In a sign they really don’t give a damn what the city’s reality-based community thinks, local animal-rights activists are slamming Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for presenting a better rat trap.

As The Post reported, the traps drown the rodents in a combination of vinegar and alcohol. At $300 or so each, they’re odor-free, can hold up to 40 corpses and require little maintenance. In short, a promising tool for facing what Adams fairly enough called a “crisis,” one that’s especially bad in his borough.

The activists are actually upset at the idea of killing rats, claiming it’s “inhumane.” Voters for Animal Rights even called on Adams to sterilize the rats instead of killing them.

Insane: That would run thousands of dollars per rat — and never come close to even reducing the rodent population. Then again, these loons also talk about rats’ “emotionally rich lives.”

Opposing needless cruelty to animals is one thing. Trying to stop public officials from protecting public health and human lives is another.

The more Adams or anyone else can do to violate rats’ “right to life,” the better

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