Animal Activists Pose as USDA Officials

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Animal rights activists are getting more creative as they continue to target dairy farms. Recently a dairy farm in Wisconsin was the target of a new scheme where activists posed as USDA officials wanting to conduct a welfare audit. 

The farm received a phone call from a woman stating she was with USDA-Animal Health Division and was demanding access to the farm to watch the farmer milk his cows to ensure they are being milked in a humane manner. The women refused to give them her name. 

If you receive a call similar report there are three things to keep in mind: 

  1. Animal welfare audits will always be conducted in partnership with your cooperative. 
  2. If a true animal welfare concern has been called into the sheriff’s office, or the humane society, there will always be a sheriff escort. 
  3. Anyone visiting your farm from USDA will have a badge they can show you. At a minimum ask for a business card and call someone to verify their position.
  4. Don’t forget, trespassing is illegal, consider getting authorities involved if necessary.

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