Venture Cooks: a different approach to ag

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In August 2012, Matthew Wadiak and his partners played a hunch when they founded the meal kit company Blue Apron. They bet that at least a portion of consumers wanted to cook more at home, but needed help and convenience. While that niche is evolving from delivery to in-store pickup, the hunch was accurate enough to have spawned dozens of other players.   

Seven years later, Wadiak is bringing to fruition his latest hunch with Cooks Venture, a food company committed to regenerative agriculture and a transparent supply chain. He’s starting with carefully bred and raised chickens and a formula for measuring its farms’ soil regeneration, with plans to expand the model to hogs and cattle in the not-that distant future.

He is building the company on the scientific assumption that sequestering 1% more carbon in the soil on agricultural lands could go a long way toward reversing climate change. Cooks Venture is also a Global Animal Partnership Step 4 certified company. Its chickens are bred to like it outdoors, giving true meaning to the concept of “pasture-raised.”

Wadiak has a big vision for the future of animal protein, which he explains in an interview with Meatingplace

Read the full interview in the August issue of Meatingplace magazine.

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