Facebook enforces animal sales ban

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Finding your next pet or selling your animal could be harder than before.

Facebook banned animal sales back in 2017, but the social media platform stepped up enforcement on the practice earlier this year.

In April, Facebook updated their community standards with the following statement:

As we strive to protect the welfare of animals against illicit trades, we cannot always ensure their safety in a peer-to-peer transaction. We will still allow such sales if posted by brick-and-mortar entities, animal rehoming, and adoption agencies and shelters. This is an update to our existing policy, which already prohibits the sale of endangered wildlife and their parts. We will continue working to keep both people and animals safe and also plan on providing new reporting options on Facebook so that people can report content that violates this policy.

That’s hitting the horse industry hard.

Ericka Adams, owner of Penrose Farm in West Knoxville, said Facebook’s policy ends up hurting the most vulnerable animals, since the most accessible platform won’t let them advertise.

“The people that have fallen on hard times, the people that used to just be able to get on Facebook and have a wide audience,” Adams said.

Under Facebook’s community standards you are able to sell supplies like collars and cages.

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