NY law allows first responders to remove dogs from hot cars

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A new law now allows first responders to legally remove a dog from a hot car if they are locked inside.   

In a statement, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “Leaving a pet in a stifling hot or freezing cold car is inhumane and potentially dangerous, and emergency responders should have the ability to remove them if necessary.”

In 2010, a Bronx man was charged with animal cruelty after leaving his pet Maltese in his van at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park while he and his family went for a swim.

Police say an instant read thermometer showed the temperature inside the vehicle was at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Officials at Paws Crossed Animal Rescue say it could take less than 10 minutes for an animal to become distressed if they’re left in a locked vehicle in extreme heat or cold.

Lawmakers say the new legislation will also help reduce wait times when calls are made to 911 that a pet is in danger. It is taking effect immediately.

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