Animal rights protests disrupt county fair

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Johnson County (IA) Fair Officials said animal rights activists have been disrupting the fair which they said stems from the “Family Rodeo” event.

Long-time fairgoer Sara Krieger said it’s disturbing what the group has been doing.

“They have been going around and cutting halters and cutting the hairs off the tail of cattle as well as letting the animals out,” Krieger said.

This has caused her to make extra efforts, needing to take her 12 show animals home every single day of the fair for the safety of the animals

“We’ve always felt secure here,” Krieger said. “I’m just confused as to why this is happening.”

She is confused as to why anyone would want to put the animals, or other people, at risk.

“If you let them loose, they’re going to run through the fair, they’re going to get caught up in something,” Krieger said. “Run people over; these people love their animals and they are well cared for. I put more time in money into my horses than I do myself. If you want to support an organization that combats animal cruelty, you should join 4-H.”

The rodeo will take place on Wednesday. Fair officials said they are anticipating protestors.

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