Leland N.C. could ban exotic pets

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The Leland town council is expected to vote Thursday to prohibit citizens from owning exotic animals as pets, including boa constrictors and pythons, two very popular household snake types.

Most of the exotic animals listed include more unusual pets such as monkeys or raccoons. Karen Breeden, store manager for the local Leland pet store, Pet Sense believes it will drive customers away. Breeden explains that “I do expect a lot of growth in our next quarter and I do have some concerns that this could possibly affect our growth.”

Pet Sense does not sell any snakes themselves but they do sell products that snake owners buy such as frozen mice for food and a variety of household snake products. Meager continued to point out that if the council does vote in favor, she’ll lose her local customers to stores in Wilmington.

Leland’s growth has skyrocketed in recent years making it the third fastest growing city in North Carolina. Town council members met today and plan to amend ordinances in preparation for future development of the city. Another major ordinance includes banning solicitation on public property, such as medians and sidewalks.

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