Is the anti-GMO movement following PETA’s lead?

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From drenching fields in chemicals to factory farming, there is so much misinformation out there about what happens on today’s farms….

Yet when you factor in the role that activists play across social media and on television, things get even worse — and so often, groups are operating in cahoots. Think of it, if agriculture is an activist’s enemy, then activist groups naturally bond as friends, or allies.

The money trail behind the food companies and activist groups is shocking, and there are similarities between the anti-GMO movement and the anti-meat (“go vegan”) organizations. While it’s important to not generalize entire groups of people, oftentimes the groups trying to negatively paint anti-animal ag and that are creating messages about “factory farming” have an agenda to get people to stop eating meat.

Just like anti-GMO campaigns that use fear for profit, “go vegan” extremists also use fear for profit. Sharing sad videos (please help the animals!) is a main way they get donations. Not only that, but another similarity between animal activists and anti-GMO activists is the close-knit ties within the “money trail.”

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