Animal activists try to get 3 elephants released

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Animal rights activists are planning to gather outside Worcester’s DCU Center to call for the release of three elephants held at a Connecticut-based petting zoo.

The Nonhuman Rights Project argues the wild-born elephants — Beulah, Karen, and Minnie — should be moved from the Commerford Zoo to a natural habitat sanctuary. The group is pursuing a lawsuit that would grant the animals “personhood.”

A Connecticut judge has rejected the argument but the group is appealing.

During Saturday’s rally, the group will give updates on the lawsuit and other efforts to obtain rights for “autonomous nonhuman animals.” The afternoon rally will be followed by a 4:30 p.m. candlelight vigil.

The zoo has said the elephants are cared for and looked after by veterinarians. It’s bringing its “kids fun fair” to the Worcester center Saturday and Sunday.

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