Coloradans are allowed to own these exotic animals

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Lots of people own animals here in Colorado, in fact, we’re one of the most pet-friendly states in the entire country. But apparently, this goes way beyond your typical domesticated dog or cat. Besides the usual house pets that a majority of residents own, there are also some pretty exotic animals that are actually legal to have in your home too. Domestic animals aren’t regulated by the Department of Wildlife, but they must comply with state agriculture regulations, as well as with health departments on public and animal health.

A photo that was recently posted from Fort Collins showed this rogue peacock sitting on top of the street light. Comments below mentioned that the bird lives nearby and frequently likes to go on neighborhood adventures. Turns out, peacocks/pea fowl are totally legal in our state, along with ostriches and emu. Who knew?


Two other animals that I was shocked to learn that Coloradans can have as house pets, are kangaroos and wallabies. However, they can’t be house trained and need a big, grassy area to live in. In Colorado, residents can own up to 6 kangaroos or wallabies, but they cannot be sold or traded. In some cases, a special permit is required.


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