PETA calls for removal of animals from Circus World

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An animal rights group wants Circus World to stop showcasing animals.

Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) showed up at a meeting of the Wisconsin Historical Society board in Milwaukee.

The Historical Society helps operate the attraction in Baraboo.

PETA is concerned about the exhibitors at Circus World who show tigers and elephants, and one group specifically.

“Circus World continues to use notorious exhibitors including Carson and Barnes who has over 100 federal welfare violations against them,” said PETA’s Tricia Lebkuecher.

Circus World denied PETA’s claims.

“We passed two inspections this summer, all points fully passed and we work with veterinary care, 24-hour care for animals, and we also have intellectual, and emotional exercise for animals too cause we care for them as well,” said Christian Overland with the Historical Society.

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