New Foundation Directing Millions of Dollars to Animal Liberation Movement

November 8, 2018

via Richard Berman with Berman & Company, Founder of HumaneWatch.

A new foundation has directed $64 million to the animal rights movement since 2016.

Meanwhile, this emerging group has built a grassroots coalition of hundreds, if not thousands, of activists willing to commit crimes in the name of animal liberation.

Who exactly are these groups and individuals? Along with our work at HumaneWatch, PETAKillsAnimals, and other projects, we have run the website since 2001. ActivistFacts hosts profiles discussing the agendas, history, and funding of hundreds of individual activists and their organizations, such as Greenpeace, HSUS, and Ingrid Newkirk of PETA. Many of these profiles have excellent internet presence and show up in the first few results on Google.

We have recently put up a batch of new profiles:

Be alert. Stay safe.



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