Man trolls animal rights protestors by setting up a barbecue outside their ‘pig vigil’

The man, who goes by the name of Pathetic Millennial on YouTube, set up the barbecue outside Fearman’s Slaughterhouse, Ontario, while animal rights protestors stopped trucks transporting pigs in order to give them food, water, and comfort.

The entire stunt was filmed in a seven minute video, which has since gone viral and been watched more than a million times, and has caused much debate on social media.

The video opens with what appears to be a Snapchat video from animal rights protestors on what they call a ‘pig vigil’ outside Fearman’s Slaughterhouse, while they stop trucks containing the pigs.

In the audio, a woman can be heard saying:

We’re baring witness to the pigs that are going in giving them food, giving them water, giving them love, then these people show up…

The shot switches to show the barbecue protestors opposite.

She then says:

They think it’s f****** hilarious to come and set up a barbecue right in front of us.

They just came across the road as we were bearing witness to the truck, and brought over a hot dog and offered it to us.

If you recognise them… GIVE THEM HELL.

The video then cuts to a ‘few hours earlier’, and shows the preparations for the barbecue, the set up, and shows the man and an accomplice make hot dogs, and hand them out to passers by, including employees of the slaughterhouse.

The also have a sign that reads ‘Fearmans eat free’.

Needless to say, the animal rights protestors are shocked and appalled. At one point, one of them says:

Go across the road now or we’ll call the police.

This isn’t the first time people have made counter protests against animal rights campaigners. Earlier this year, a man made his love of meat clear by eating a raw and bloody steak outside the Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam.

Police questioned the man after vegans complained about his actions.

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