The swamp thing returns

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A cat may have nine lives, but one notorious dog hopes he has at least two. Former Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle, who resigned in February after a number of women accused him of sexual harassment, reemerged on Washington’s lobbying scene last month.

Mr. Pacelle is aligned with a new political action committee called “Animal Wellness Action” that will focus on federal affairs related to animal agriculture.

What’s notable is that, unlike in other redemption stories, Mr. Pacelle has never apologized. In fact, he blamed a nebulous conspiracy for the allegations against him. The allegations against Mr. Pacelle — so far from five women — include that he assaulted one and offered to pleasure himself in front of another. Various other women have either quit or complained about Mr. Pacelle or some of his senior team who also preyed on young women staffers.

No doubt he has a sob story that he has been telling his donors behind the scenes: He was run out of a job by peasants with pitchforks and not given a chance to defend himself. Of course, Harvey Weinstein could argue the same.

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