Stuff Animal Rights Activists Say: 2018 Edition

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Each year, the Animal Agriculture Alliance releases reports from major animal rights conferences. We believe it is critical for all of us in animal agriculture to understand what strategies and tactics will be used against us next. We recently released our report from the 2018 Animal Rights National Conference, held in Los Angeles in late June and organized by the Farm Animal Rights Movement.

Rather than summarize the conference for you, I’d like to once again let the activists speak for themselves. Here are some of the most concerning, telling and outlandish statements made at this year’s event.

  • “Hens can never have reproductive freedom”…”Eggs don’t just happen.” – Justin Van Kleek, Triangle Chicken Advocates
  • “There is no such thing as humane slaughter.” – Michael Budkie, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
  • “You cannot humanely kill someone that doesn’t want to die.” – Justin Van Kleek
  • “That’s right, KFC. The future is vegan, and you better get on board.”- Colleen Holland, VegNews Magazine
  • “Owning another living being is an act of violence.” – Ashley Capps, Mothers Against Dairy and A Well-Fed World
  • “If we can rescue animals, we must rescue [them]”…”… until every crate is empty, and every tank is drained.” – Simone Reyes, Social Compassion
  • “Our movement must adopt all avenues, the methodical and radical.” – Simone Reyes
  • “I do believe that all farming and slaughterhouses are cruel.” – Jaya Bhumitra, Animal Equality
  • “You don’t even have to be an expert or tell the truth to make change.” – Barbara Gates, Lean Green Kids
  • “Using any means necessary is morally and ethically responsible.” – Dr. Jerry Vlasak, founder of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, referring to defending animals. Vlasak also made a joke about killing some vivisectors for them to understand they should stop killing animals and the crowd cheered.
  • “We are accountable at the gates of Heaven for how many people we lead to veganism and how many we don’t.” – Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, Jewish Vegan Movement
  • “It’s not up to science to say what’s right or wrong, it’s up to communities.” – Erica Meier, Compassion Over Killing
  • “The best thing we can do? Stop eating meat.” – Erica Meier, Compassion Over Killing

It’s clear that these groups and individuals are willing to be extreme and aggressive in their quest for “animal liberation.” We need to be informed and stay ahead – the Alliance will continue to help the industry do just that.

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