SAD: Los Angeles bans manufacturing and sale of fur at animal rights activists behest

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A San Fernando Valley animal rights group’s efforts to raise awareness about fur manufacturing has prompted three Los Angeles leaders to call for a ban on the manufacture and sale of fur products.

Council members Bob Blumenfield and Paul Koretz introduced a motion Friday that asks the city attorney to prepare an ordinance that would go into effect in 2020. Councilman Mitch O’Farrell seconded the motion.

The council members are proposing to prohibit the sale and manufacture of products like handbags, shoes or any other products with fur in it. The sale of used fur products would be exempt, under their proposal. The issue has been assigned to the council’s Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee for discussion.

Blumenfield said he was moved by undercover footage put out by the Sherman Oaks-based Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation on fur farms. The motion claims the animals are living in and being killed in inhumane conditions in order for the furs and fur products to be produced.

“It is time to move past the arcane practice of killing animals for goods,” said Blumenfield. “Los Angeles must be a leader in this effort, stop the unnecessary killing of animals and finally eliminate this vile market.”

“In the end the truth is, there is no humane way to skin an animal for its fur,” said Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

“This legislative act is not just about taking a stand,” he said. “It is about compassion, about morality- and about what it means to be human.”

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