HSUS Continues Their Disturbing Campaign Against Dog Breeders

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The Cavalry Group has been protecting the legal, property, and constitutional rights of our members including pet producers, horse owners, cervid farmers, exotic animal owners and exhibitors, circuses, and farmers and ranchers nationwide for over seven years.

Today, the baseless accusations against dog breeders by the animal rights group known as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) continues with their annual fundraiser known as the list of “Horrible Hundred.”

Once again, HSUS turns to their disturbing tactic of singling out dog breeders and publishing their names, and their addresses all obtained from USDA via Freedom of information Act (FOIA) requests. The information and photos are vastly taken out of context in order to support their exaggerated claims with their primary intent of raising money, and the secondary intent of terrorizing breeders into closing their breeding kennels.

While HSUS paints a frightening, emotional picture, the truth is that while animal rights organizations such as theirs claim they “care” about animals, The Cavalry Group argues that HSUS does not know about matters related to animal care and husbandry and are not qualified to do an investigation of professional dog breeders.

The Cavalry Group endorses animal welfare practices which ensures the health and well being of animals, and we urge Americans to learn more about the important difference between animal welfare vs animal rights by visiting our website.

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