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Bloodhounds at the Hampton Police Division help with all different types of police work, and they are a crucial part of their K-9 unit.

Without the help of one woman in Coinjock, NC, it wouldn’t be possible. Tammy Bybee, through the years, has donated five bloodhounds to Hampton police.

To date, the police division has four. The fifth dog, K-9 Diesel, recently died after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Master Trainer Tom Hendrickson with Hampton police is one of the officers who have a bloodhound partner, Buckshot.

Bybee donated Buckshot to the police division after Hendrickson’s old partner, Diesel, died.

“I donated Buckshot because of the greatness that Tom does,” she said.

Her generosity has extended beyond Hendrickson and the Hampton Police Division.

There’s Lucy Jo in Michigan, Buckshot’s sister, Roxi in South Carolina, Copper in Maryland, and Lucy with her department in Rockingham County.

All of these bloodhounds were donated to these departments by Bybee. Hendrickson said she has donated between 110 to 120 dogs.

Bybee’s been in the service for most of her life, so giving to law enforcement is personal for her. Right now, she’s an officer for the Duck police department.

“These dogs are monumental. Above and beyond what any other dog can do,” Bybee said.

“If they can save a life, that’s what Tammy’s about,” said Hendrickson.

Bybee said she doesn’t charge police departments, but she does have a vetting process.

“I don’t cry when the puppies leave because I’ve learned over time that they’re going somewhere that’s going to treat them as good, if not, better,” she said.

“The message and the program she’s putting out, it’s hard to put it into words. It’s a labor of love I guess you can say,” said Hendrickson.

To learn more about Bybee’s dogs, click here.

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