Fort Worth Considers Making Microchipped Pets Mandatory

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Microchipping could become a requirement for pets in Fort Worth, as city council considers revising Cowtown’s animal ordinance.

Ryan Black’s 3-year-old dog isn’t microchipped. He considers himself a responsible pet owner.

“We just have an eight-foot tall fence so whenever he’s outside he’s not going to get out of that.”

Black says cost is the main reason he’s opposed to a proposal by the City of Fort Worth.

Animal Services is asking city leaders to make microchipping mandatory. Black says it’s already very expensive to be a dog owner.

The city currently requires all pets to have a license with the city, to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Fort Worth does offer microchipping right now, as an option.

At $12, it’s actually cheaper to have your dog microchipped and licensed than just licensed, which costs $36.

The city says the price for microchipping would stay the same and microchipping will replace the licensing requirement of city council passes it.

“It’s a responsibility as a pet owner or a parent and we consider ourselves pet parents,” said Chuck Mencke. 

His dog, Reba McEntire, is microchipped. Since the city offers free microchipping from time and time and financial help for those who need it, he believes there’s no excuse.

“It will help people that are not pet owners to be responsible pet owners or have a second thought about ‘Am I going to own a pet or not? Do I want the responsibility of that?’”

The city council is expected to take a vote on this sometime in May. 

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