Vegans Scream For ‘Animal Liberation’ At Toronto Restaurant

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Vegan activists staged a demonstration in front of a Toronto restaurant Saturday night demanding “animal liberation.”

As Global News reports, the protesters are angry that the owner of Antler Kitchen and Bar reportedly prepared and ate a piece of animal meat in front of them last week.

The vegans are furious at restaurateur Michael Hunter and view the public display of the animal meat — believed to be a deer leg — being cut, grilled and eaten as an extreme offense that was meant to goad them.

“What do we want? Animal liberation. When do we want it? Now!” the protesters shouted.

“There’s no excuse for animal abuse … It’s not food, it’s violence,” the enraged activists hollered at patrons. The vegans carried large posters accusing the restaurant of “murder” and suggesting “animals are not ours to use.”

Marni Ugar told Global News that she has tried to meet with the owner since her group was offended by the meat carving incident.

“We will keep protesting until we sit down with the owner to make menu changes – that’s the reason we do these protests,” Ugar said.

“The big message here for this restaurant is that humane meat does not exist. These are animals that want to live.”

When asked about the vegan’s demonstration and if the publicity was having any affect on the restaurant’s business or clientele, the restaurant told Global News that it was “business as usual” at the popular establishment.

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