Animal rights activists disrupt Marc Jacobs show

Remember the good old days of Fashion Week, when PETA protesters would bum-rush the runway and throw cream pies at Anna Wintour’s fur coat? Animal lovers brought a little bit of that magic back at Marc Jacobs’ Wednesday night show.

Animal-rights activists marched to the Park Avenue Armory uptown, carrying signs that bore PETA logos and slogans like “Fur Is Dead.” They chanted, “Marc Jacobs, animal abuser!” and “shame, shame, shame on you” as guests made their way into the tony venue.

According to Daily Beast editor Tim Teeman, the protesters carried on long after the last model made her final turn down the runway. Fashion critic Robin Givhan called it “a classic fur protest.”

PETA protests used to be a fixture during the New York shows, but have — like Fashion Week itself! — died down a bit over the past few years. Maybe this is a sign that Fashion Week — and Marc Jacobs (who does use some fur, but hardly any more than his peers, like Michael Kors) really is getting its mojo back!

The Post has reached out to PETA, who took part in the protest, for comment.


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