Activists to lobby animal rights legislation in Richmond, Virginia

A group of animal rights activists is traveling from Charlottesville to Richmond on Thursday to lobby legislators about several bills targeting animal cruelty.

The group is led by the Humane Society of the United States. Among the bills they support is HB646, which would limit how and when dogs could be tethered outside.

The bill would prohibit tethering in extremely cold or extremely hot weather, and would also require tethers to be at least 15-feet long or four times the length of the dog’s body.

HB425 would require anyone convicted of animal cruelty to participate in psychological counseling, and it would also ban them from owning pets in the future.

HB593 would increase the penalty for crimes against horses, which currently receive less protection under the law than other companion animals.

And,SB28 would prohibit the use of state funding to support testing on animals at Virginia colleges and universities.

Thursday is Humane Lobby Day, and the group plans to meet with multiple legislators to urge them to support these and several other bills.

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