NYC animal rights group calls on Lara Trump to fight trophy hunting

A New York City animal rights group is calling on Lara Trump to extend her love of animals beyond the local dog shelter and into the wild — where her husband, Eric, has enjoyed trophy hunting.

New Yorkers for Clean and Livable Streets, or NYCLASS, is best known for seeking to ban horse carriages on city streets — but now the group is calling on Trump, who has advocated on behalf of shelter dogs, to also push for an end to trophy hunting and poaching.

It’s “not just cute, furry companions that need your help. It’s also leopards like the one your husband Eric killed and countless other wild species,” the group wrote to her in a letter signed by executive director Edita Birnkran.

The missive also praises her for her dreams of a rescue dog in the White House and her advocacy for shelter dogs and research beagles. The group said legal trophy hunting can help enable illegal poaching by creating a market for trophies — and as such all trophy hunting should be banned.

“Ms. Trump, you have the power to begin reducing the kill list now. You can start small by imploring your family to disentangle their passion for marksmanship and their interest in majestic wildlife,” they wrote. “And then we urge you to use your considerable standing to influence national policy.”

Eric Trump is seen with an animal he killed on a trip to Zimbabwe.

Eric Trump is seen with an animal he killed on a trip to Zimbabwe.


Birnkran went on to suggest that if the Trump brothers must “shoot” animals in Africa, they should do so with cameras.

“Our organization, NYCLASS, is happy to send your family top-of-the-line cameras if they promise to put their guns down and leave the leopards, and other animals in Africa, alone,” she wrote.

The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment.


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