Hollywood’s famous Sunset Boulevard is the focal point of a new hard-hitting campaign which exposes how PETA is raking in millions but brutally killing thousands of pets in the name of animal rights.

A giant billboard on the iconic route depicts a cartoon of the Grim Reaper wielding a scythe and looming over defenceless puppies accompanied by the wording: “72% kill rate for pets.”

More than two million motorists and pedestrians will see the graphic image which exposes PETA’s hypocrisy over the holiday season and New Year.

The billboard is a stark reference to PETA’s appalling record for putting to sleep stray and rescued animals because it believes animals should not to be kept as pets.

The portrayal of PETA as the Grim Reaper and not Guardian Angel in the home of the world’s biggest stars is a bitter blow to PETA which openly courts celebrities to further its aims.

It was erected by, a new team of journalists which aims to expose the lies and half truths of animal rights groups.

It says it targeted PETA–People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals–because it is the biggest and most active group in the world and many of its claims do not stand up to close scrutiny.

The hoarding also reveals how a massive part of the the US-based group’s annual spend goes on wages and consultants, and not on helping animals.

A second caption on the board reads: “PETA: $16 million on consultants,” a reference to figures its own published accounts. The figures emerged in PETA’s recent tax return.

Millions of charity dollars donated by animal lovers are going on legal fees, admin costs and consultancy fees.

And the documents show PETA is running up other eye-watering bills for overheads largely paid for by charitable benefactors.

In 2015, PETA, now the biggest animal rights group in the world, received $63 million in grants and contributions.

Some $10.6 million went on wages for its army of staff, $1.4 million went to legal bills, and $16 million was simply listed as “other” functional costs–later defined to be consulting.

Nearly half of the $63 million – $29 million, or 45 percent – came from just six large donations. Those donations boosted its income dramatically what PETA received the year before.

Its staggering wages bill has increased in just 12 months by nearly $1 million from $9.8 million the previous year.

Wages alone now account for 17 per cent of the money it receives in contributions and grants.

PETA’s financial books paint a shocking picture which is likely to stun benefactors who may ask how much of their money is actually going on animal welfare.

PETA’s increasingly bizarre – and clearly expensive – publicity stunts in which it tries to woo celebrity and media attention have frequently backfired and raised eyebrows among would-be supporters.

And there have been disturbing accounts of how PETA activists have been behind the death of thousands of animals in the misguided belief they are better of dead than alive if it means living in zoos or other forms of human care.

Putting PETA’s books under the microscope also reveals in 2015-16 it spent $1,001,607 on travel and $4,048,350 on “postage and shipping.”

And $2,284,753 went on “printing,” $1,428,358 on “media & press support.”

The massive spends were confirmed by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk on March 17, 2017.

The organization records a “total assets” value of $39,583,908 at the end of the year with $13 million in the bank in cash. Its asset value has almost doubled from just $21,696,694 at the beginning of the year.

What the document highlights is the dramatically growing wealth of PETA – largely from charitable donations drummed up by its relentless pursuit of publicity and celebrity backers.

But the press and media campaigns have also been damaging to its reputation with a growing backlash putting its practices under the spotlight.

Shocking new figures from the Center for Consumer Freedom revealed that 1,411 cats and dogs died in Virginia at the hands of PETA activists in 2016– representing 71 percent of animals that went into its care.

A 2010 inspection of animal custody records conducted also discovered that 84 percent of animals PETA “saved” were killed within 24 hours.

While people expected their hard-earned cash to be put to a good use, PETA on average killed 1,895 animals per year, believing the animals were better off dead than in human care.

And in one of PETA’s more distasteful episodes in recent years the head of PETA Deutschland Harald Ullmann compared Jews to animals in the groups infamous Holocaust campaign.

PETA was fined €6,000 by the Stuttgart District Court on charges of “incitement.” PETA repeatedly appealed this conviction but in 2010, the fine was increased to €10,000.

Ullmann caused fury when he tried to justify the controversial campaign by saying: “The victims have been exchanged. Previously it was the Jews, traveling people and today there are animals.”

And the group has regularly sparked controversy with increasingly outlandish stunts.

Early this year it was accused of plotting to post online a fake video of a cat being beaten by its owner.

A media organisation reported PETA’s dubious tactics after the activists had asked for the fake film to be posted on YouTube.

The media outfit refused and blew the whistle on PETA.

And in another stunt that went wrong, its bungling activists “rescued” lobsters from a restaurant only to release them into a river which proved fats because lobsters cannot live in freshwater.

The group faced further embarrassment when they claimed a computer game was cruel to cows.

When PETA’s 68-year-old president Ingrid Newkirk stripped off to be pictured hanging with meat carcasses in a US slaughterhouse for a vegetarian campaign the reaction from the public was underwhelming.

Many asked her to put her clothes back on and said her shock tactics were old and tired.

PETA budget: Total / Percentage

Consultants and salaries: $28,231,803  / 55.8%

Rent, office, operating exp.: $5,184,391 / 10.3%

Media and promotional: $11,136,229 /22.0%

Donations to other NGOs: $2,096,750 / 4.1%

Other: $3,928,184 / 7.8%

Total: $50,577,357


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