MCGROSS: McDonald’s To Launch New ‘McVegan’ Burger

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

That’s what’s in a Big Mac, and McDonald’s once made the ingredients into a jingle. Watch this and then try getting it out of your head.

But now McDonald’s is offering a new burger — one with no meat that will be completely vegan.

Try singing these ingredients: A soy patty, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, ketchup, mustard, oil, bun and an egg-less sandwich sauce.

Rolls off the tongue, right?

The mega fast-food chain will start selling a McVegan burger in hundreds of restaurants — but don’t think for one second that they’re coming to a place near you. Americans love their fatty burgers, so the McVegan will debut only in Sweden and Finland on December 28.

“Like our other burgers, the McVegan is tasty and has a good texture,” McDonald’s spokesperson Henrik Nerell told CNN.

The meatless burger, which was developed in partnership with a specialty Norwegian food company called Orkla, could help the American chain capitalize on increased demand for vegetarian and vegan foods.

McDonald’s said the burger will be on its permanent menu in the two countries, a response to “more and more” people wanting to eat “plant-based food” that is better for the environment.

“As the main ingredient is plant-based, the McVegan is considered to have a smaller climate impact,” McDonald’s said. Livestock farming is responsible for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN.

Finally, a plant-based burger that’s good for the environment that you can grab in less than five minutes! Win-win-win!

Mikael Malkamaki, 24, tried the McVegan during a test run in Finland. “I would say it tasted like a normal, regular hamburger. I would seriously try the McVegan again because there wasn’t such a big difference between the burgers.”

Said McDonald’s in a statement: “Vegetariskt och veganskt är en stark trend, och allt fler vill idag äta mer växtbaserat. Tillsammans har McDonald’s och Anamma utvecklat en ny vegansk burgare. Med McVegan på menyn blir det enkelt för alla att prova en god vegansk burgare oavsett om det är för den goda smaken eller för variation. Vegoburgaren från Anamma är baserad på protein från sojabönor och med huvudingrediensen från växtriket har burgaren mindre klimatpåverkan jämfört med en motsvarande animalisk burgare.”

Wait, let’s hit Google Translate.

“Vegetarian and vegan is a strong trend, and more and more people want to eat more plant-based today. Together, McDonald’s and Anamma have developed a new vegan burger. With McVegan on the menu, it’s easy for everyone to try a good vegan burger, whether it’s for the good taste or for variety. Anamma Vegoburg is based on soybean protein and with the main ingredient from the plant kingdom, the burger has less climate impact than a corresponding animal burger.”

Ah, Med McVegan på menyn blir det enkelt för alla indeed.


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