Ex-animal shelter director: Unsuspecting families are adopting dangerous dogs

An ex-animal shelter director in Orange County claims that some staffers are turning a blind eye as dangerous dogs are adopted by unsuspecting families.

Ex-Humane Society of Deerpark and Port Jervis director Lee Curtis says there is a frightening practice that is putting adoptive pet families at risk.

“I personally know of two dogs in that facility that have bitten people that are still available for adoption,” she says.

Curtis says the board of directors for the privately and publicly funded facility on Route 209 in Deerpark is telling staff to turn a blind eye to a dog’s violent history, instead adopting out the animal as if there’s no problem.

She says one of the dogs they adopted out bit a 3-year-old child in the face and caused very severe damage.

Curtis says one of the dogs even attacked her in August. She says she was let go two weeks after the incident for insisting that dog and others that were violent be put down.

With the holidays just around the corner, Curtis says she chose to come forward now so that seasonal adopters, often with children, can be aware of the possible risks.

Humane Society officials in Deerpark denied the allegations by phone, saying the shelter would never put families at risk.


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