Fur Sales May Be Banned in San Francisco

Supervisor Kitty — oops, we mean Katy — Tang is back at it again, with yet another piece of animal-rights legislation.

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Tang announced a plan to prohibit the sale of fur apparel in S.F. The plan follows a similar guideline that the city of Berkeley instituted in April of this year.

“Many associate fur apparel with the idea of luxury, but the reality is far from luxurious – millions of animals around the world are raised inhumanely and killed each year just for their fur,” Tang says. “There are so many ways to stay warm and look fashionable without having to harm animals.”

Second-hand and vintage stores would be exempt from this law — unless they’re selling fur from endangered animals, like Decades of Fashion was caught doing last year.

If passed, the legislation would take effect July 1, 2018, and would be one more notch in the animal rights belt for Tang. In 2015, she sponsored a measure that banned performances of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment. Earlier this year, Tang successfully passed legislation that officially blocked sales of animals at pet stores citywide.

On Wednesday, Tang’s office is full of kittens as she hosts an annual kitten adoption series, with tiny felines from San Francisco Animal Care & Control. Despite being called “12 Days of Kittens,” today her office hosts adoptable puppies — so if you’re on the hunt, swing by City Hall, Room 244 to meet your fur-ever friend.


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