Lara Trump Is Giving Animal Rights Extremists Access To The White House

President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump has become a key player in accelerating animal-aided vet programs to help wounded warriors returning from combat.

“She’s been an invaluable advocate in raising issues at the highest levels of the White House and with the executive agencies and she has given the issue considerable credibility with major decision makers,” said Humane Society president, Wayne Pacelle according to the Washington Examiner.

Lara has met with officials at the Departments of Interior, Agriculture and Veterans Affairs to work on reversing euthanasia plans for horses on federal lands, as well as speeding up the approval of a “pets for vets” program to pair war vets with shelter dogs. She has also been a leader in shutting down puppy mills.

“She’s very real about it. She’s got a passion and this is the mark that she wants to leave,” Pacelle added.

“Our Pets-for-Vets concept is designed to connect pets with vets and to scale it in a way that promotes mental health and animal welfare,” she said. “If we can do it at no or little cost to the taxpayer due to the approach of creating public-private partnerships and new synergies, then all the better,” she added.

“To be able to use her profile has been great,” added Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, author of the bipartisan PAWS Act of 2017.


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