PETA hands out adult content book to child

What appeared to be a kids book turned out to be for a “more mature audience.”

That’s the word from PETA after an employee unknowingly handed out a book filled with profanity and adult topics to a nine-year-old boy in Virginia.

It happened while the family waited for their cat to receive veterinary services at a mobile PETA clinic.

Michelle Bobo says she was shocked at the type of book her son received, not meant for children at all.

The book was handed out along with two other actual children’s books to her three sons while they waited at the clinic.

In a statement, PETA says the book was sent to their barks and books programs which gives children free books and teaches them about kindness to animals and each other.

PETA also wrote that “the mistake was immediately realized and all copies of the book were withdrawn.”

“I was in shock and I just kept saying oh my gosh, oh my gosh and it just kept getting worse the more and more I flipped through. It shows pictures of the dad hitting the mother and then it goes on to her being a teenager and she has suicidal thoughts. She said they don’t review them thoroughly and they just gave it out. I’m not mad at the author ya know that’s our right in America to do and say what we want really but I’m mad that PETA pushed this on my child,” explained mom, Michelle Bobo.

Bobo has suggested a refund for her cat’s sterilization and says she will use the money to buy some age appropriate books for her sons.

Here is the full statement from PETA:

Publishers and authors donate books to PETA’s Barks & Books literary program, which gives children a free book like How to Heal a Broken Wing or The Three Little Pigs Save the Earth to take home after they bring their animal companions to PETA’s veterinary clinics. These age-appropriate books teach kids a message of kindness to animals and each other. We regret that a book meant for a more mature audience was inadvertently given to a younger child, together with two other age-appropriate books for the other children in that family. The mistake was immediately realized, and all copies of the book were withdrawn, but the children’s mother chose to keep the book and demanded a refund for the already low-cost sterilization of her cat. For a list of books and to see photos of very excited and happy children with books that they’ve received through this program, visit our blog.


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