Support Illinois farmers? Tell Humane Society to take a hike

Marc Ayers of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wasn’t forthcoming about his group’s real agenda (Oct. 14 Spotlight, “Help us close factory farms”): To cripple agriculture as we know it.

HSUS leadership is stocked with vegan activists who don’t believe people should eat meat, eggs or dairy no matter how the animals are raised. One even created a campaign for PETA outrageously comparing modern farms to Nazi concentration camps.

While HSUS claims to be in favor of small farms, this is just a ruse. A number of small farmers who took part in HSUS state agriculture councils have left and spoken out against the organization. “They used us for window dressing,” said one Missouri man.

HSUS has pushed laws in other states restricting what eggs and pork consumers can buy at the supermarket and laws banning veterinarian-approved farming practices. Anyone who supports Illinois farmers should tell HSUS to take a hike.


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