Animal advocates pushing for statewide ban on cats and dogs sales in pet shops

Massachusetts could soon ban the sale of cats and dogs in commercial pet shops.

Animal advocates say a statewide ban is the only way to ensure that inhumane breeders are not selling puppies in local pet stores.

Getting a dog or cat in Massachusetts can be as simple as driving to a local pet store, but do you know where these pets come from?

The Humane Society of the United States estimates two million puppies, who originate from puppy mills, are sold annually.

Animal rights advocates have said there is a lack of enforcement on animal welfare regulations, leading to inhumane conditions and the sale of ill pets.

Sheryl Becker, of western Mass. Animal Rights Advocates, told 22News, “Customers are being lied to and it’s extremely agonizing emotionally and it’s extremely expensive to pay vet bills.”

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban the sale of cats and dogs in commercial pet shops.

Advocates told 22News people should instead adopt pets from local shelters.

Charlotte McGowan, a small breeder, is speaking out against the bill and told 22News pet stores are already being regulated.

“The USDA regulates the dogs that are sold in the pet stores,” McGowan said. “The USDA does not regulate the about 18,000 dogs that are shipped into the state to be sold in the shelters.”

Animal shelters and pet shops offering the pets for adoption are exceptions to the proposed law.

The state’s committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture is currently reviewing public testimony on the bill.


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