Porky pies shocker – vegetarians love eating meat kebabs when they are drunk, poll reveals

VEGETARIANS have been telling porky pies about their strict no meat diet, a poll has revealed.

A shocking 37 per cent – or more than one in three – admitted to eating meat takeaway meals like kebabs after getting drunk on a night out.

And a shocking 69 per cent confessed they wouldn’t tell anyone about it – still insisting they were strict veggies.

A poll of 1, 789 British vegetarians by discount website VoucherCodesPro also asked how often they were unable to control their desire to eat meat.

While 37 per cent said they had eaten kebabs and burgers from a late night takeaway, 34 per cent admitted to being serial offenders and eating meat whenever they got drunk.

Some 26 percent said it happened ‘fairly often’.

Twenty- two per cent – one in five – still said it happened – though rarely.

Eighteen per cent said it happened occasionally.

Looks like a lot of veggies could be eating humble pie next time they grill their pals about the ethics of eating meat.

Pork pie anyone?


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