Spain hunter Melania Capitan found dead in apparent suicide after ‘online threats’

Well-known blogger and hunter Melania Capitan has been found dead in an apparent suicide weeks after she was reportedly threatened online.

The 27-year-old had thousands of online followers with her posts centered around hunting tactics and her many adventures.

She was from Catalonia, Spain, and had lived in Huesca for the past three years.

Melania Capitan had a large online following. Source: CEN

Just weeks ago the hunter was reportedly threatened on social media by animal rights activists, The Daily Mail reports.

After her death, Capitan’s Facebook had several messages praising the news that she was dead.

Capitan shared several photos of her hunting on her social media. Source: CEN
The hunter was reportedly threatened online. Source: CEN

“You have done a favour to humanity! Bye bye,” one comment read.

“Ciao Mel, you made a favour to nature,” another person wrote.

“She was so bitter that she had to pay her hate killing innocent animals, thank God she killed herself, the only good thing she did lately,” another comment reads.

Capitan was 27 years old from Spain. Source: CEN

Capitan had reportedly left a suicide note for her friends.



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