Lewis and Clark Humane Society welcomes 9 dogs from Korea

The Lewis and Clark Humane Society is taking part in an international effort to rescue dogs from South Korea.

Nine Korean dogs are currently at the Humane Society and will be made available for adoption into Montana homes.

The rescue began when a concerned citizen in South Korea raised more than $5,000 to buy 20 dogs from a farmer who intended to sell the dogs for meat.

After 11 of the dogs had found a home, the Lewis and Clark Humane Society learned of the project and brought the remaining nine dogs to Helena.

“They were rescued from the Korean meat trade. Korea is the only country that consumes meat by way of actually farming it, other countries that consume dog meat pull the dogs from the streets but Korea has a farming practice,” said Gina Wiest, Executive Director of Lewis and Clark Humane Society.

The dogs are a jindo-mixed breed, and coincidentally, one is named Hellena with two “l’s”.

Lewis and Clark Humane Society officials said the dogs are already vaccinated and either spayed or neutered and will be available for adoption on July 15th.

For those interested in adopting one of the dogs, the Humane Society recommends researching the jindo-breed to make sure they will be a good fit for the family and the animal.


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