Kansas City Zoo’s chimpanzee program passes USDA inspection after chimp’s death

The demise of a Kansas City chimpanzee was no fault of the zoo, the United States Department of Agriculture said.

Bahati, the 31-year-old male chimpanzee, fell from a tree and was attacked by other chimpanzees in the Kansas City Zoo on June 21.

The animal had been chased up the tree by other chimpanzees, zoo officials have said. He fell and then was beaten by the other chimpanzees before dying of internal injuries. A zoo spokeswoman said chimpanzees often skirmish to maintain social hierarchy.

After his death, the Agriculture Department inspected the chimpanzee program at the zoo and found it compliant with the Animal Welfare Act. The act is the only federal law covering the treatment of zoo animals.

“The agency’s inspection report findings correspond with our own initial review of the situation, which revealed that our chimp caregivers and our animal health team acted quickly and appropriately,” said Randy Wisthoff, the zoo’s executive director.


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