PETA Won’t Leave The Ringling Bros. Circus Alone

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — PETA supporters are planning a ‘lively protest’ outside Ringling Bros.’ opening night at the Scope Arena in downtown Norfolk on Thursday.

The protesters will urge potential attendees to stay away from all circuses until no lions, tigers, camels, or any other animals are caged, chained, or beaten into performing under the big top.

“The curtain couldn’t drop soon enough on what has been a nightmare for wonderful wild animals who’ve been deprived of a real life,” says PETA Foundation Associate Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Rachel Mathews.

This protest comes months after Ringling Bros. announced that the show is ending.

Along with the Scope Arena in Norfolk, the circus is set to stop at the Hampton Coliseum on it’s final tour.

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