New Film Promotes Animal Extinction

Fringe animal rights lawyer Steven Wise has worked for decades to outlaw human to animal contact and ‘liberate’ animals from our lives.    Today he is promoting his current work with the Nonhuman Rights Project and a new movie called, “Unlocking The Cage” that will be released on February 20, 2017 and available through HBO.  This smarmy video love affair with Wise passing itself off as a documentary follows his 30 year career of trying to remove animals from our lives.  Wise, a keynote speaker at the 2016 Animal Law Conference, teaches animal law classes at numerous law schools nationwide as well as running the Nonhuman Rights Project which sues people for a living to “transform a living organism with no rights into a person” with legal protections of course.

[W]e plan to continue to file as many lawsuits as we have funds available.”  Nonhuman Rights Project.

As part of his legal strategy Wise sued the Stony Brook University demanding that the University explain to a court why it owns two chimpanzee’s and is “holding a chimp captive.”   If Wise wins in court, it’s just a short stretch for your nearest animal rights lawyer to file suit to free that dog in your home.

Lab chimps are enslaved just like African-Americans were, lawyer [Wise] tells trial as he fights for freedom of two monkeys from Long Island university.”

These lunatics argue that animals deserve equal rights with humans, but rights comes with responsibility.  If animals have human rights then they also have human responsibilities.  Just how is he going to prosecute the lion for eating the lamb?  Who’s going to prosecute a wolf pack for being serial killers?  After all, it was Ingrid Newkirk, President of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who famously stated, “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

The arguments we make deal with the decisions judges make in their fundamental decisions, and that is about liberty and equality,” says Wise. “Today, all animals are on the ‘thing’ side of the law, and all humans are on the ‘person’ side. If you look back 150 years, there were humans on the ‘thing’ side of the law—women, children, slaves. We are trying to open another hole in the wall and move some animals from the ‘thing’ side to the ‘person’ side.”

Okay, if animals are our equals, then every single animal that kills another one deserves life in prison or the death penalty.  Or would it be murder if you gave your dog a flea bath or flea medication?  After all, those fleas have rights too as “living organisms” and if animals had “human rights” you could not argue that the dog had more right to life than the flea did.   Most people do not think that far, instead they swallow Wise’s rhetoric that he just wants more protections for animals, instead of researching what exactly giving “human rights” to animals would do.  After all, as Roman jurist Gaius said over 1,500 years ago, “All law was established for man’s sake.”

Let’s take another controversial right that humans have, abortion.  If it is legal for a woman to kill her baby, then it’s legal for an animal to kill any babies they want.  Can you imagine human rights being given to pigs who routinely kill their young?  Or chickens who are cannibals?  Would that make the farmer a criminal if he tries to protect the baby pigs from their mother?  Does a dog have just as much right to “minimum wage” and full Obamacare as your child does if the dog brings you the morning paper?   Will these chimps that Wise endlessly sues over be called for jury duty soon?  Fringe activists like Wise make a mockery of our court system, a system that all American taxpayers pay for and people like him exploit.   Thanks to these activists, many American businesses are being forced by government bureaucrats at the federal Department of Agriculture to prove that they are providing for their animals “psychological well-being.”

While the initial decisions on these cases were conflicting, each portrayed a consistent picture of the chaos wrought by Wise’s efforts.”

Chaos is a nice way to describe the destruction that animal rights activists cause to all of our lives through their endlessly frivolous lawsuits.  One of Wise’s new tricks is to file what is called a “habeas corpus” which is a legal pleading which forces an animal owner into court to prove to a judge that they have the legal authority to own the animal that Wise is suing over.  Anyone may act on behalf of any animal they claim is a “prisoner” of someone and file a habeas corpus against them.  If Wise succeeds in his new tactics there is nothing to stop PETA from suing you over the ownership of your dog.

Wise got his start after he read the bible of animal rights, Animal Liberation, written by “Professor Death” Peter Singer in 1975.  Singer promotes the idea that animals actually have more rights to exist than humans do, killing human children is justified.  Considering he makes it clear in his book that he doesn’t actually like animals, it’s no surprise that he does not believe human babies are people and that parents should be free to kill their offspring for any reason.  Let me make it clear that Singer isn’t talking about abortion, but rather the deliberate murder of children born alive and were either born with disabilities or something that would stand in the way of the parents’ future happiness.  Under Singer’s ideology, the Chinese One Child Policy that has led to a generation of little girls being murdered for not being boys would be perfectly okay.

The venom of Singer’s critics straddles the globe. “His book, Practical Ethics, is full of fallacies, half-truths, and the most obnoxious philosophical errors,” says Dr Richard Oderberg, a philosopher from Reading University. “I think it is morally questionable that Singer should have a place at Princeton. Already we allow the killing of the infant in his mother’s womb. But Peter Singer wants to take it one step further. He wants to justify the killing of the infant outside the womb, in the rocking chair.”

All animal rights activists today such as Steven Wise can trace their ideology back to Peter Singer.  When you think about it, if these extremists have their way and animals are granted equal status with humans and given human rights, then there is nothing that would stop anyone from having sex with any animal they want or marrying their cat.   That’s what giving human rights to animals will eventually lead too, while lawyers like Wise scoop up the profits.

Katharine Dokken is a Contributing Writer at The Cavalry Group and the author of two new books, including The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.  Follow Katharine and The Cavalry Group on Twitter:   @KatharineDokken  @TheCavalryGroup

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