North Dakota Farm Bureau On Defense Against HSUS This Legislative Session

WNAX Staff; WNAX Radio; February 06, 2017

This year’s North Dakota Legislative session has been a challenging one for the State Farm Bureau. Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt says they have had to play defense in battling against issues brought forward by animal activists.

He says it’s the first year HSUS has had a lobbyist working on site at the North Dakota legislature. Hanebutt says one measure brought forward by HSUS that would have effected schools was defeated.

Hanebutt says they’ve spent so much time on battling against the anti-agriculture activists it’s limited their time working on proactive ag policies.

Hanebutt says his group continues to watch for any bill from animal rights groups that could be harmful to either production agriculture or ag research and will be ready to challenge them.

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