Direct Action Everywhere radicals masquerade as USDA inspectors

The following is a recent story about Direct Action Everywhere, an extreme radical animal rights group with ties to Animal Liberation Front (ALF),  is showing up on farms in North Carolina posing as USDA inspectors.  

October 28, 2016  by KayDee Gilkey with

“Recently the radical animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere – whose mission is animal liberation – has been trespassing on farms, mostly at night to gain video footage. Animal Ag Alliance’s Communications Director Hannah Thompson Weeman says it is important to discuss farm security and scenarios with employees and family members.

Thompson-Weeman: “We heard about after the recent storm in the Carolinas where there was flooding, that people were showing up on farms and saying they were with USDA and needed to inspect the flood damage – when really they had no official connection and no real reason for being there. So just being sure that you have a policy and all of your employees and family members anyone on your farm is trained on how to handle those people showing up – verify their identity, ask for their credentials and what steps you want them to take. It is all about vigilance and just making sure that anyone who comes on your farm is there for the right reasons and has the health and safety for your livestock as their only priority. If people want more information about farm security and tips they can contact us at and we are here to help.”

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