Pet Sale Bans Are A Scam

As I covered in part 1 and 2 of this continuing series, rescue groups and shelters across America are importing massive amounts of foreign dogs to fill their rescues with product for resale bringing disease into America.

Even more tragic, tens of thousands of dogs are being stolen from their owner’s yards and shipped out of state to resell as somehow in need of rescue.

Yet even with the explosion of trafficking in stolen dogs and the shipments of hundreds of thousands of foreign dogs, many shelters and rescues across America are still empty.

They still can’t get in enough product for sale proving there is no pet overpopulation in America today.   In Connecticut, officials fed up with the explosion of diseased and sick dogs trucked into their state have started to crack down on the illegal animal rescue trade.

It was kind of a free for all. Anybody could come in adopt animals and go. They would set up in a parking lot anywhere in the state on a Saturday and put a sign out and say we have dogs for adoption. People would pay [cash]for the dogs and the people were gone,” said Connors, “That’s no more than dog trafficking at that point is what I feel.” Connecticut Department of Agriculture Spokesman Ray Connors

In just the last months, multiple shelters across America posted pictures on social media to brag that their shelters are empty.   Rescues want you to believe the south is awash in homeless animals to get you to buy a dog from them but that’s just not true.

They are lying to you about the origins of the animals they are trying to sell you.   In the same week, two highly lucrative shelters in Tennessee announced that they were completely empty.   The first, McKamey Animal Center of Chattanooga, I covered in detail in my book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement.

McKamey has a history of illegally raiding people to gain more product for sale and hit the front pages when they illegally raided a local pet store in 2010 and seized all of their animals. The very next day, McKamey posted an online petition calling for the pet store to be shut down.   The judge ruled in the case that the seizure had been illegal and ordered McKamey to return the animals. The pet store then sued and won.

In June of 2011, United Pet Supply, Inc. who owned the pet store filed a massive lawsuit in both federal and state court against the city and McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center seeking $10 million in damages for violating their Fifth and 14th Amendment rights to due process related to an illegal search and seizure of their animals.”
— The Art of Terror

The year before, 2009, McKamey was caught illegally raiding small home hobby breeders.   McKamey employee Steve Mayo admitted that they were pro-actively raiding breeders in the community to supposedly “look for animal cruelty.” Look for product to resell through their shelter more likely.   Today, McKamey brags that their shelter is once again empty.


That same week, the multi-million dollar grossing Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee bragged that their shelter is empty.   This is the same shelter that illegally seized all of the standard poodles owned by poodle breeder Sara Jane Tinker in 2015 to give them more product for resale.   The raid of Tinker’s home came less than a month after Young Williams had bragged yet again that their shelter was completely empty. Tinker was able to successfully prove the seizure was illegal and there was nothing wrong with her dogs.   After a fight, she got all of her dogs back and immediately moved. Young Williams was simply desperate for product to sell off as “rescued” from something.   McKamey and Young Williams are both in Tennessee, the south. That same mythical place that rescues all over America claim is awash in homeless dogs as far as the eye can see.

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It’s not just the south. The Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center in Iowa City, Iowa recently announced they were completely empty as well.

Meanwhile in Maine, the Greater Androschoggin shelter imports hundreds of puppies every week to resell.

They frequently sell off hundreds of dogs per weekend in all tax free profit frequently holding what they call Mega Adoptathons to resell huge shipments of puppies from unknown backgrounds.

As I covered in Part 2 of this series, “All For One Pet Rescue” in Palm Beach, Florida received a shipment of 30 puppies from the Bahamas.   Instead of saving dogs in need in Florida, this group is shipping in foreign puppies for resale.   They call it “freedom flights” from the Bahamas when it’s really nothing more than exploitation for profit. At the same time, local politicians in the same city outlawed pet stores from selling puppies bred by American dog breeders. A pet store sued to challenge the Palm Beach ban on selling puppies produced by American dog breeders and a local Judge threw out the lawsuit causing the pet store to go out of business overnight.


““A city police officer visited the store and informed the manager that displaying and/or offering puppies for sale was a violation of the city’s ordinance, which also happens to constitute a criminal misdemeanor,”Lohman said. The store manager was given the opportunity to cease and desist the conduct within 24 hours or be subject to arrest, Lohman said..”

The Sarasota County Commission in Florida recently voted to ban pet stores from selling puppies and kittens.   Brad Parker, the owner of two pet stores, fought the ban claiming his stores would not be able to stay in business under the new law.

Politicians who pay more attention to special interest groups than the people who voted them into office passed the ban anyway.  Owners of both of these pet stores have legal standing to sue their localities under the same legal rulings that came out of Florida’s Amendment 10 fight.   In 2003, Florida voters gave Constitutional rights to pigs putting several farmers out of business.

“Flash forward to 2013, former Florida pig farmer, Stephen Basford won a court judgment against the state of Florida over the 2002 constitutional amendment that outlawed his pig farm. Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John Fishel awarded Basford $505,000 plus interest for the direct losses to his pig operation as a result of the animal rights ballot initiative.”   — The Art of Terror

Meanwhile the Humane Society of Missouri, SPCA’s in Virginia and many others in this nation are running non-stop ads asking the public to give them puppies for resale.

These groups are nothing more than illegal brokers.   In order to maintain their lock on the market and convince Americans to not buy dogs from pet stores or purebred dog breeders, these same rescue groups and shelters are lobbying legislatures and city councils all across this nation to outlaw dog breeding and ban pet stores from selling pets.

What happens when a “rescue” dog bought through a pet store dies of parvo? Infects a family with rabies?   Maims a child and attacks strangers? Who is liable? The pet store or the fly by night rescues that come and go with the wind?   What business would want to accept liability like that?


As I have revealed in this three part series on rescue scams, these con artists cry that we have a moral obligation to only purchase a rescued dog instead of a well bred dog produced by an American dog breeder while they hide the origins of what they are selling you.

George Washington, one of the Founders and first President of this Nation was a dog breeder.   Washington is credited with founding the American Foxhound breed.   Our founders would be rolling over in their graves at the movement to outlaw American dog breeding and pet stores and replacing it with sick imports from third world nations.

Washington’s dream was to produce “a superior dog, one that had speed, scent and brains” not a mangy rabies infected mongrel with a fake sob story attached to it.

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of two new books, including The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon. Follow Katharine and The Cavalry Group on Twitter:   @KatharineDokken @TheCavalryGroup

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