When Americans Love Animals Too Much

While all around us in America today our economy has imploded, a historic number of Americans are out of work and all our jobs are being replaced by foreign immigrants or off-shored to other countries, the Cult of the Animal has taken over our very lexicon and showcases the destruction of American society.

Recently in Virginia the media ran with a feel good sob story about a tractor-trailer accident involving a livestock truck carrying cattle.

This 1300 lb. cow sits along the shoulder of I-66 eastbound near the I-81 interchange Monday afternoon. Officials used dart tranquilizer to calm the animal and closed one lane until the animal was loaded from the scene. The incident took about ninety minutes. Rich Cooley/Daily

Rich Cooley/Daily

Young women in particular flocked to bombard social media with comments about the poor little cows in the accident and prayers that they weren’t hurt.

Comments initially ran 10 to 1 for concern for the cows with little to no concern shown for the truck driver. Many comments even stated they didn’t care about the driver one bit, others went so far as to call him a murderer for the death of six cows in the accident.

Within minutes of the story being posted, dozens of instant experts in fire/rescue, law enforcement, and veterinarian field peppered the internet with their theories of how the first responders were all doing it wrong. Eventually the animal rights hysteria drew more rational comments from every day Americans who are fed up with the Cult of the Animal.

Even more impressionable young women then flocked to the story to promote veganism and to pray that the cows are not eaten but “rescued” and “saved.” Do you really believe that each one of these women was on her knees praying to God to save the cattle from being eaten?

If so, I’m not sure what God they were praying too, not my God for sure. It is clear in Genesis that God created the cattle. It is even clearer in the Parable of the Prodigal Son found in the New Testament that God gave us the cattle to eat. These cattle are food for us. While we should not deliberately hurt them, they exist to feed us, as given to us by God.


This vegan animal rights activist in particular, sporting obviously dyed Raggedy Ann looking hair, claims she is heartbroken at the thought that these cattle will be murdered for our food.   Apparently it is immaterial to her that her hair dye was tested on animals before she used it.  She didn’t like it when I pointed out that more animals die for a vegan’s diet than a carnivores.   Social media activists like Kelly Bressler have zero experience in farming. They haven’t a clue.

“No such thing as humane meat.” Kelly Bressler.

When it is pointed out that millions of field animals are slaughtered during grain and vegetable harvesting, its met with a collective cyber shrug by the veggie lovers.   Who cares about the life of a field mouse when you can issue internet tears over a cow you have never met.   When someone pointed to her that God created the cattle for us to eat, she dismissed it with a comment, “That’s a pretty archaic way of thinking.” When people continued to point out her hypocrisy she reacted by attacking all and sundry with the typical animal rights extremist hysterical overreaction.


But this story goes even deeper into the destruction of society and the lack of critical thinking abounding in America and dominating the Millennial generation.   First some background.   At the time of the accident, that area of Virginia was under major winter storm warnings.

A dangerous storm mixing snow and ice was bearing down on the state’s highways.   It’s a fact of life that truckers have no break.   They are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivering supplies that keeps our nation running.   Truckers travel from state to state on tight schedules.   They get caught in storms, tornados, floods, and blizzards.

They don’t have the luxury of pulling off the road or they won’t get paid and their families won’t eat. What is even more dangerous for truckers is to haul around large loads of extremely large animals.   The tractor-trailer in question was only carrying 33 cows, not a full load.   Each of these cattle has the potential to weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Imagine if you were driving such a large truck on ice covered roads.   Roads in which the Virginia Department of Transportation had announced the day before that they were not going to treat with deicer due to the extreme cold.

Untreated, ice glazed roads, carrying 2,000 pound moving objects, and hoping and praying that your load doesn’t shift.   Unfortunately it did and the truck driver slid off the side of the road. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved. The area of the accident is a notoriously dangerous section of I-8I, near the interchange with I-66. This section of road is so dangerous that wrecks are common there in good weather, let alone bad. Sections of I-81 are so dangerous that a Facebook group exists solely to report on them.

Even then, knowing of the winter storm, most commenter’s to this story blamed the truck driver for his actions simply due to the fact that the Virginia State Police issued him a traffic ticket.   They do that. Traffic tickets are big business that pad local revenues.  Not one of the commenters is a truck driver for a living.   As one defender of the driver said, “A moving, swinging load is dangerous in the best weather conditions.” An even better comment was, “nothing goes good on ice.”

Yet the internet reaction to this accident was far in excess to the actual incident which was rather small.   Leading the way in causing this internet hysteria was the Virginia State Police Department which issued a press release that stated in part, “Troopers have gone to great lengths to look out for the welfare and humane treatment of the cattle involved in the crash.”   The Virginia State Police offered more details and several paragraphs more about the cattle than the truck driver who received just two short sentences.

” State police had a local veterinarian (pictured) respond to the scene to assess the conditions of those cattle injured in the crash. The veterinarian is making the necessary determinations of their treatment, which is still ongoing at this time, and advising state police on how best to manage the scene.”

Another gem of this story included the young woman who stated she was more qualified to judge the actions of the local veterinarian, simply because she was a volunteer for an animal rescue.   Think about that one.   This lady is not on scene.   She is not there.

She is stating that as a ‘volunteer’ for a so-called animal rescue group that she is more qualified than a board certified veterinarian whom she doesn’t know and has never met, to determine, though social media, just how this accident should be handled.   Really.  She also stated that she couldn’t load the entire article on her SmartPhone but she felt qualified to issue her opinion on this case anyway.

With no facts and an admission that she doesn’t even know what happened, she’s got opinions to ram down the throats of the rest of us. And you wonder why America is floundering. The age of the SmartPhone has created some of the dumbest Americans.   Living their lives based upon a 30 second sound bite viewed on a two inch slice of cyber reality, they think they know what is going on.

She went on to state that anyone professional trained in fire and rescue should have given the veterinarian a helmet before he examined any of the cattle.   It’s amazing that any of has survived without being wrapped in bubble wrap like this woman seems to think we should be.  Six of the cows died in this accident. The veterinarian was bought the scene to assess any other potential injuries not get lectured by some woman viewing social media on a SmartPhone.   He knows best to determine his own safety and how best to treat animals, not some hysterical volunteer “rescue” expert.

What is truly amazing in this accident is that no other cars were involved.   No one in those icy white-out snow squall conditions hit a loose cow on the highway. No first responders were injured. The driver has minor injuries.   While it is sad that six cows died, the impact of the accident could have been so much worse than it was. The professionals are just that.

Leave them be to do their jobs and leave your arm chair quarterbacking at home. Let’s pray that the truck driver is okay and that his employer doesn’t fire him for this accident. Too many Americans are already out of work.

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of a new book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.

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