Policing Animal Rights for Profit, Indianapolis Style (Part 2):

Previously I wrote about animal rights extremist and Indianapolis Animal Care & Control Deputy Chief of Enforcement Kim Wolsiffer who raided a 30 year old business called Upton’s Famous Pet Training Center and stole their dogs for resale right before the holidays looking to make a quick buck and pad her notoriously thin resume.


For the past 30 years, before Wolsiffer came to power, Upton’s Famous Pet Training Center had never received a single notice of violation and has passed all their city inspections with flying colors. Wolsiffer who just months previously had announced that she was going to ramp up raids of Indianapolis citizens by 25% received a major shock when things didn’t turn out as she expected. Business owner Paul Upton is fighting back and has sued her to regain custody of his stolen animals.

In the meantime, the over militarized “Animal Cops” of Indianapolis Animal Care & Control are so incompetent at even the most basic of dog care that they have allowed two of Upton’s dogs to give birth without supervision or assistance, leading to the death of at least five of the puppies. That’s right, the city employees of Indianapolis Animal Care & Control have killed five of Upton’s puppies.   They claim that the deaths are Upton’s fault for failing to tell them that two of the dogs were pregnant but Animal Care & Control has had custody of these dogs for over two months.

Are they trying to tell us that they paid no attention to these dogs for over two months and didn’t even notice a dog was so fat that it was carrying a litter of 10 puppies?


Making matters worse, Indianapolis Animal Care & Control takes so little care of the animals entrusted to their custody by the Indianapolis tax payers that the city run shelter is a cesspool of disease and distressed animals.   Recently a Parvo outbreak has swept through the shelter and threatens the life of all of the remaining Upton puppies, just one of many disease outbreaks at the shelter over the years. Indianapolis Animal Care & Control is so dysfunctional that they have had 11 Directors in 12 years, with high staff turnover. The previous director Dennis Papenmeier was removed less than a year ago after an internal investigation.

Their new leader, Kim Wolsiffer, wants you to believe that she is some sort of Animal Super Cop rushing in to save animals from their abusive owners but no Indianapolis dog owner could take worse care of their dogs than the IACC shelter does.  Under Paul Upton’s care the animals were alive and healthy, and under IACC’s care which they claim is “around the clock”, five of them have now died. Who’s the animal abuser here? Wolsiffer claims Paul Upton is the animal abusing criminal but Wolsiffer has had custody of the Upton dogs for over two months.   Why are they dying now? Or better yet, have these puppies died at all?   Has Wolsiffer taken them for her own to resell for profit?   Until IACC provides Paul Upton with concrete proof that his dogs are dead, their word is worthless.

Wolsiffer has run to the media and the Prosecutor with her fancy fringe animal rights philosophies, claiming that Upton’s dogs scored poorly on a “Body Conditioning System” but the reality is, no such thing exists.   These fake numerical scores are part of the junk science that the animal rights front pushes to the unknowing and corrupt animal control officers to use against innocent animal owners.   There is no standard Body Conditioning System for the various dog breeds that is uniform and accepted by qualified medical experts, nor is there such a system for animal cruelty cases.  A Chihuahua naturally weighs much less than a Labrador Retriever. Are we supposed to prosecute every owner of a Chi just because their dogs are thinner than a Lab?   A mother who is nursing puppies is naturally thinner than when she isn’t since all her nutrition is going to feed her growing babies. An elderly dog dying of cancer is naturally thinner than a young dog at the peak of heath. Do we prosecute every owner of elderly animals for their dogs being thin? Where does it end?

Upton’s supporters are fighting back and over two dozen protested in front of the city-county building demanding the stolen dogs be returned.  They held signs that read “stop the injustice” and chanted, “save these dogs.”   To redirect the media away from the hell hole that is the City run animal shelter where Upton’s dogs are dying, City Prosecutor Mark Pizur declared, “The city is not in the business of putting people out of business.” Pizur further claimed, “the biggest goal is to make sure the animals are properly cared for.” If that is Pizur’s only goal then he needs to prosecute every worker at the IACC for running a cesspool that has killed many more dogs and cats before the Upton dogs were seized.

In a vicious form of payback, Indianapolis Animal Control Officer Lee Callahan and several of his pals raided the Upton Training Facility the day after the public protests looking for alleged “hidden dogs” that they claim is there.   They didn’t find any.   This is typical behavior of animal control officers who have been indoctrinated by the fake training the animal rights front provides to law enforcement.  We are all criminals in an animal rights world and Indianapolis is determined to keep harassing Paul Upton until they can prove it.

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of a new book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.

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