Policing for Profit, Animal Style

The holiday season is shortly upon us and fraudulent animal rescues filled with animal rights fanatics are frantic to present sad sob stories to the public to get you to open up your wallet and snap up a Christmas puppy.   As fast as you can say “Merry Christmas”, the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control raided a thirty year old business called Upton’s Famous Pet Training Center and stole their dogs for resale.   That’s not all. Paul Upton also runs a licensed boarding kennel and several of the seized dogs belonged to his customers. Upton has been charged with animal cruelty and fined $112,000 plus $6,000 for kennel “care” for the dogs.   The sales price of the stolen Upton dogs is simply additional gravy for the local animal shelter. Animal rights extremist Kim Wolsiffer had this to say.

“A majority of the concerns we had were along those lines; the size of the kennel that the animals were being kept in and the medical concerns that we’d seen with multiple animals,” said Deputy Chief of Enforcement Kim Wolsiffer.

Deputy Chief of Enforcement Kim Wolsiffer

Deputy Chief of Enforcement and animal rights activist Kim Wolsiffer

Wolsiffer wants you to believe that she just suddenly developed a concern about the size of their kennel just as the holiday season was kicking off. Why wasn’t she concerned when the kennel received a spotless inspection report earlier this year? Or any time in the previous thirty years?  And just what is she concerned about? Are the kennels too big? Too small? Too round? Or what? In fact, the Upton kennels exceed federal size requirements for dogs.  Wolsiffer can wring her hands all she wants, but Upton is providing better care than the law requires.  It’s no coincidence that just months earlier she bragged that her officers were receiving extra training to help them put the hammer down on the public. Her stated goal is to ramp up their prosecutions by 25%.  All of those fines that her department receives from the public goes to pay their own salaries and “perks” of the job. Talk about a conflict of interest.

Wolsiffer wants you to believe it was a ‘random’ inspection that generated a sudden crime wave that they had no idea was occurring before, but if that was true, why did they have a reporter along for a ride?  And why the public announcement just months earlier that the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control department was going to deliberately increase their prosecution rate?  Surprising no one, the Animal Cruelty Investigative School that Wolsiffer brags that she attended is conducted by the University of Missouri Extension Service and staffed with a who’s who of animal rights quacks. It’s no surprise that the program was set up by Norma Worley, a hard core animal rights fanatic, with insider connections at PETA and the radical Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  The ultimate goal of HSUS is to phase out animal ownership in America.

“Our job is to seize animals” Norma Worley, testimony at the Maine Animal Welfare Advisory Council, 2006.

Worley who was run out of California under questionable circumstances went to Maine to continue her animal rights work. In 2001, the Maine legislature had issued a Red Report that said the state of animal welfare in Maine was very good, but made minor suggestions such as dropping dog licensing requirements.  Animal rights activists love to hear ideas for modifying laws. You thought they’d be following through on ending dog licensing? Of course not, instead the fanatics tried to outlaw dog breeding statewide.  To help make these so-called minor changes, Worley was hired by the state of Maine in 2003. Under her leadership the department performed so poorly it was downgraded from a Department to a Program as she mercilessly overspend her budget, giving the taxpayers large cost overruns.  She was so widely despised for her animal rights terrorist connections that the American Sporting Dog Alliance demanded she be fired in 2009.

John Yates of the American Sporting Dog Alliance said this of Worley,  She “has run roughshod over the rights of dog owners in what can only be described as official repression by a rogue governmental agency gone mad.”

Worley racked up such a horrible reputation in Maine that incoming Republican Governor Paul LePage threatened to fire her on his first day on the job. She immediately “retired” in January 2011 before he took office. Reinventing a new past she went to Missouri where she taught law enforcement officers how to interpret cruelty statutes from an ideological radical point of view. I’ve talked extensively in the past about the long term animal rights infiltration of America’s law enforcement officers.  Having quacks like Worley setting up training programs for officers is nothing new.  Another long time animal rights wingnut, Melinda Merck, set up the animal “CSI” program at the University of Florida.  The problem is, as I revealed in my book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists, Merck is so incompetent, she couldn’t tell the difference between a knife wound and a predator attack when she tried to frame an innocent teenager for crimes he had not committed.

Wolsiffer and the officers of the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control received their job training from animal rights fanatics determined to destroy the Constitutional rights of animal owners.  Paul Upton and his employees have had enough and gone public with their story, sharing details of the dog theft on their Facebook page.

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of a new book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.

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