Virginia Bureaucrats Bending the Law to Suit Their Agenda

In Part 1 of this series I covered how Fauquier bureaucrats have bent the rule of law to their own corrupt ends to destroy animal owners including local farmers.   In Fauquier, politicians are in bed with Judges to subvert the rule of law.   The most notorious of these is Judge Jeffrey W. Parker, known for his disdain of women and his crazy pie-in-the-sky rulings. Judge Parker enjoys ruling against woman and handing down stiff sentences. That’s not all. Judge Parker is known for taking children away from their parents, just because he can. In one case, he took two children away from a Colorado mother and then sealed the court records so the mother could not appeal his rulings. Children of whom, neither parent lives in Fauquier County, Virginia. As such Judge Parker had no authority to hear this case.


US Marine Greg Harrington is another who has witnessed the corruption of Judge Parker.   Back in 2008, Judge Parker claimed that Harrington was harassing him when an anonymous letter surfaced that alleged that Judge Parker had a ‘relationship’ with the attorney who represented Harrington’s ex-wife during his child custody case. Judge Parker issued a Contempt of Court order against Harrington with no proof that Harrington was the author of the letter.   Harrington appealed the summary order on the grounds that Judge Parker had violated his due process rights by denying him the right to dispute the order and because Judge Parker refused to recuse himself from his own case. Judge Parker thinks he is judge, jury, and executioner in Virginia but that’s not justice. The Court of Appeals of Virginia agreed and threw out Judge Parker’s ruling.

After the Harrington case in which the Court of Appeals slapped Judge Parker’s hand you would think that he would learn his lesson. but he hasn’t.   He repeated his same illegal actions in Irina Barrett’s lawsuit by even hearing the case.   To recap Part 1, of this series, animal rights extremist Hilleary Bogley illegally seized several dogs from champion dog breeder Irina Barrett who sued her in federal court for theft and defamation.

Hilleary Bogley moves and shakes with the wealthy eco-freaks of the Piedmont Environmental Council who targeted Martha Boneta. She was able to exercise her power and get the lawsuit moved to the Virginia state court system and assigned to the court of notorious Judge Jeffrey Parker.   Shocking no one, Judge Parker appointed Bogley to her powers as a humane investigator. Under the law, Hilleary Bogley has the power to operate as a private law enforcement officer in Fauquier and Culpepper Counties with no accountability. She has no authority to operate anywhere else but she uses her powers to steal animals from wide areas of Virginia and West Virginia regularly.

Judge Parker who appointed Bogley to her position abusing power over others is hearing the lawsuit against her over her abuse of power.   How is that not an conflict of interest? Why hasn’t Judge Parker recused himself from the Irina Barrett lawsuit? The abuse of power in Fauquier County, Virginia is breathtaking. In October of 2015, Judge Parker issued a ruling giving Hilleary Bogley immunity under the law and dismissing Irina Barrett’s lawsuit against her. After fighting to expose Hilleary Bogley in federal and state court for two years, Irina Barrett is broke.   Broke by design.   As just an average every day American dog breeder struggling to get by, she went up against the daughter of a multi-millionaire lawyer.   It wasn’t a fair fight.

Walking out of court triumphant animal rights extremist Hilleary Bogley conducted an illegal raid of a local Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder on the same day.   This greedy animal rights extremist has only been encouraged by the backing of corrupt Judge Parker.   The noxious sewer stink coming out of Fauquier is infecting the entire state.

In Virginia, it is almost impossible to remove a corrupt or incompetent Judge.   A state commission investigates complaints and “may” conduct hearings. As you can see by the state court system website, this commission rarely issues opinions about anything. If these good old boys decide to conduct a hearing, and if they feel there’s some sort of merit to the charges, then they can file a complaint with the state supreme court.   The state supreme court can then act if they want too, but they rarely do.   Alternately the house of delegates can impeach Judge Parker but if these good old boys refused to hear the residents of Fauquier County back in 2009 when they tried to protest Parker’s reappointment, what are odds they will listen now?

In Virginia, politicians regularly reward their political backers by appointing them to Judgeships. These new Judges aren’t required to have any knowledge of the law or be remotely competent. Judge Jeffrey W. Parker is a perfect case in point. He was given his plum job as political payback for working on the campaigns of a number of candidates. It is long past time that Virginia addresses their notoriously corrupt judicial system instead of focusing on taking citizens rights away from them.

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of two new books, including The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.

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