Virginia Animal Owners Have Much To Fear

By now the entire nation and the world has heard of bureaucrats in Fauquier County, Virginia harassing and fining a farmer for having a birthday party for eight ten-year-old little girls. They didn’t stop there and attempted to shut down Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia over tomatoes. Fauquier bully bureaucrats love to ignore the law and destroy anyone they don’t like. The Martha Boneta case has been so egregious that media worldwide have covered her case. Currently liberty and constitutional groups around America are screening the new award winning film, Farming in Fear, which documents Fauquier Counties abuse of intrepid organic tomato farmer Martha Boneta. But that’s not all the abuse that is occurring in scenic Fauquier, as I covered in my newly released book, F’cker County: The Peyton Place of the Piedmont. Officials in Fauquier criminally charged an Air Force veteran and his wife for their chickens making too much noise.   The Gisselquist family was defended by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and Fauquier was forced to drop the criminal charges against them. At the same time, the Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance outlawing a large section of their own wineries. The wineries fought back and have filed a class action lawsuit against the Board.   Opponents of the wineries are now attempting to buy the upcoming Virginia County Elections and are trying to keep local bully Holder Trumbo in power.

It isn’t just the bully bureaucrats of Fauquier, the local court system also rubber stamps their abuses into law. Notorious local Judge Jeffrey W. Parker is in the pocket of the powerful extremists who run the County. He is known for his inappropriate snide comments against women and his crazy made up rulings which are frequently overturned by other courts.   In 2009, residents protested this embarrassment to the bench at the State Assembly and tried to stop his reappointment. The good old boy system in Virginia is alive and well and he was reappointed for another eight year term. Back in power, Judge Parker continues to preside over his kangaroo court earning a cushy salary while he destroys American lives. He’s getting payback against Fauquier residents for their attempts to remove him from the bench.   In 2012, the Virginia Supreme Court threw out one of Jeffery Parker’s rulings when he illegally shut down the Marterella Winery. Turns out
Parker couldn’t figure out how to define agriculture and made up his own to justify trying to destroy the beautiful and intimate little Marterella winery.

Virginia is also a notorious stronghold of animal rights terrorists, supporters of Judge Parker who watches their backs in return.   Back in the days before the rise of the bully bureaucrat, Virginia had an old volunteer program known as Humane Investigators, giving private citizens law enforcement power with no transparency and zero accountability. Nothing constitutional about that. In 2003, tired of hearing of stories of massive abuse of power, the Virginia legislature halted the Humane Investigator program and refused to allow any new ones to be appointed.   The animal rights front screamed in protest and in a legislative compromise, the legislature allowed a small number to stay in power. Today, just seven Humane Investigators exist statewide.   As you can expect, Fauquier county has their own resideconfused puppynt thug, Hilleary Bogley. The daughter of a multi-millionaire lawyer, she makes her living stealing the animals of others and claiming they are all abused. She resells them through her Delaware chartered corporation, the highly lucrative retail rescue called the Middleburg Humane Foundation. Hilleary Bogley targets anyone she thinks can’t fight back. When she attempted to frame Martha Boneta for animal cruelty charges she was sent packing like the hysteric she is, but not everyone is able to be as successful in defending themselves. Martha then sued the Piedmont Environmental Council and Phillip and Patricia Thomas for leading the harassment campaign against her.   The PEC forced the case into Judge Parker’s courtroom, knowing he’s in their pocket. Proving it, he has consistently ruled in the eco-freaks favor issuing blow after blow to Martha.

“I’d like to get past my morning cup of coffee without an aggravation,” Parker said. “But that’s another story.” Judge Parker snarked at Boneta.

After the unsuccessful attempt to frame Martha Boneta for animal cruelty, Hilleary Bogley then browbeat champion dog breeder Irina Barrett into giving up several of her dogs claiming she would help her on her permit renewal application. Bogley immediately resold the dogs to the public as fraudulent abused puppy mill rejects.   When Barrett found out that Hilleary Bogley had no authority to take her animals and was lying about the conditions of her kennel, she sued in federal court under the Lanham Act. Irina Barrett’s lawsuit charged that Hilleary Bogley was illegally profiting off of stolen animals and defaming their owners by making up allegations of animal cruelty.

In Part 2 of this continuing series, Irina Barrett’s lawsuit is moved to corrupt Judge Parker’s courtroom.

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of two new books, including The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.

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