Animal activists: Save deer, bag a hunter

Friends of Animals, a national animal protection organization, has announced that it is offering a bumper sticker aimed at reminding drivers of their improved chances of crashing into terrified animals during the hunting season. The sticker reads “HELP CONSERVE HUNTERS — HARVEST ONE TODAY.”

“The driving public,” the group’s president Alice Herrington said, “should become aware that deer charging across the road in front of cars are only trying to escape a hunter and his bullets. Our ‘guesstimate’ is that a car’s chances of hitting a large animal during hunting season are about 10,000 percent greater than in the spring and summer.

“The solution our bumper sticker proposes,” she said, “is our guarantee that if you point a gun at a hunter and tell him to get back to his own territory, he’ll run home and hide in the closet — and that’s real conservation, of animals and car drivers.”

Herrington said the sticker was couched in hunters’ language “to stimulate an appraisal of the ‘sportsmanship’ involved in this mass kill of animals. The sport aspect.”

This story was published in the Dec. 30, 1982, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

Read the original article by Lewiston Tribune at here.

Animal rights activists were insane in 1982, and the old campaigns were more unsettling and anti-human. This article is a look at what animal rights was like in the past. Today, animal rights activists have moved into the political field. Both approaches are dangerous for people who are for animal use, the anti-campaigns create negative views and attitudes towards people who use animals and anti-animal use legislation infringes upon our rights. So, as always, we must be aware. Keep up with the news. Be aware of what legislation is being pushed. And above all, don’t let the animal rights activists create divides between the different groups who keep and use animals, because when we fight amongst ourselves it creates opportunities for the activists to work their lies and campaigns.

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